LOONA(이달의 소녀) debuted as a whole member, anticipating to be a Worldwide Star
LOONA(이달의 소녀) debuted as a whole member, anticipating to be a Worldwide Star
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LOONA / Photo 최영철
LOONA / Photo 최영철



[루나글로벌스타(Lunar Global Star)] Girl Group 'LOONA(Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeonjin, VIVI, KimLip, Jinsoul, Cheorry, Yves, Chuu, GoWon, Olivia Hye) has debuted as a whole 12 member yesterday at Seoul Blue Square I-Market Hall.   

At the 'LOONA's new album release celebration showcase, Yves told "When I heard the name of the group, I thought it was beautiful because it was all korean(이달의 소녀), unlike usual groups". Haseul told "At first, I thought it was unique. And I think it is meaningful, as all member debuts as a solo album". LOONA(이달의 소녀)'s Music Video, members wear white shirts, and grey skirts, which led to high view counts, also I-tunes top rank.

Heejin (희진), who was showed as a first member of LOONA, told "It took long time to be shown as a 12 member's perfect group. I'm so nervous and can't to wait to meet fans all around world". Heejin continued "As fan waited long time, I want to show many good things as much as I can". Jinsoul told "I hope many people will recognize us, as the release of the new album today". VIVI (비비), only member who came from outside of the Korea, told "Thanks to all members, They waited so much and always helped me. I also leared many Korean from them". The youngest member Yeonjin (여진) told "I think there is an synergy when 12 members go together. I hope everyone would love LOONA".

LOONA Project took long time to be shown as a whole member to the public. Hyunjin told "It took long time than first thought. But I never worried about the future because I filmed Web Drama, and other M/Vs, etc. I always practiced and did something before be shown to the public". Heejin told "It was a long period, but I practiced and filled out the weakness point. So I think I could be much better at this stage". Hyunjin told "I was happy whenever the new member was showed to the public".

Then What could be the LOONA's strong point? Jinsoul told "LOONA can do both sexy, and cute concept". And "LOONA can sing and dace many genres. Also We have done many new beats that other K-pop groups never did". Jinsoul told "If we can win the 1st place at the Music TV program, We will performance the mini concert at the street where fans want"

LOONA's new song 'Hi High' released at 6 pm yesterday.



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